Kari Sweets was feeling mischievous today, she decided to take some really naughty self shots to tease all of her fans.  She is wearing blue panties and a white crop top, she positions herself beside a mirror to make things twice as naughty, seeing doubles of Kari Sweets can be quite overwhelming, even just one of her is normally more than enough.  Kari Sweets strips topless and covers up her boobs but doesn’t do a very good job.  She gives us a naughty and revealing peek inside her panties and then even decides to start pulling them down, leaving Kari completely naked trying to cover up her naughty bits.  Kari is a former gymnast, you can see it with her perfect body, and fortunately for us she likes showing off for her fans on the Internet.  She keeps on getting more daring with every new photoshoot, and now with the Kari Sweets Ultimate Collection being released we’re even getting fully uncensored photos and videos which is what her fans have been demanding for some time now, at least she’s giving up the goods and treating her fans to uncensored eye candy to make their day.  What a legend she is!!
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